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dean about BLE 25 Window and Body Maintenance
Sun, 10-22-2017 19:52
As usual Roger and his band of "car rescuers" does it again, Thank you Roger and crew for excellent top notch work, again.

Kurt Schlieter about Painting the Orange on IC 3345
Sun, 10-22-2017 18:39
Roger, if you use a liner or a container in the pot the only added work is flushing the material hose and the pickup tube.

Ted Miles about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Sun, 10-22-2017 12:57
I have the Fall 2017 Rail & Wire. I hope the dardanelle & Russellville #14 goes back to the Missouri Pacific #9001 one of these days. Ted Miles, [...]

Roger Kramer about Painting the Yellow Stripe on the 3345
Sun, 10-22-2017 12:37
Hello Jim Please stop by when ever you can. Hope to see you Thanks for the compliment! Roger

Roger Kramer about New Acquisation: What is CN 15444?
Sun, 10-22-2017 12:33
Hello Bob Yes Irm has acquired the 15444 but we have not had time or funds to move it. If you would like to help us move please consider a [...]

bob miller about New Acquisation: What is CN 15444?
Sat, 10-21-2017 16:40
has CN15444 steam generator made it to Union? Thinking about this as the weather changes from hot to cold. Was the acquisition successful? any [...]

David S about A Colorfull IC 3345
Sat, 10-21-2017 14:13
Matt, the Diesel Department is quite capable of doing its own cosmetic restorations. They are currently repainting CRIP 4506 in Bankrupt [...]

Raphael about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Fri, 10-20-2017 01:05
I hope so, because its already October (10/20/17), and the bid is Due. I was thinking the Museum would have to get enough money to buy it from the [...]

Logan about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Thu, 10-12-2017 15:41
I read a rumor saying that you guys secured a loan for TP&W 800. Is this true?

Nigel Bennett about Steam Department April 2017
Sun, 10-08-2017 13:04
#938 is now being painted so she will look a great deal better on display. Great work by Phil and the team. Work done is a cosmetic restoration. At [...]

James Becker about Painting the Yellow Stripe on the 3345
Thu, 10-05-2017 18:36
Classy and excellent work on the Illinois Central car. You all have done some excellent work.

Matt Maloy about A Colorfull IC 3345
Wed, 10-04-2017 12:12
You guys have done a fantastic job. I think you all deserve a break so you can step back and admire your work, because this car looks great. Now I do [...]