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271 - L7 gets some body work

Sunday, January 25. 2009. Posted by James Kolanowski in TMER&L L7 Locomotive

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Nigel Bennett about Steam Department April 2017
Sun, 04-23-2017 14:49
Clearly the issues surrounding Saginaw #2 and Mid Continent are well known in the steam locomotive fraternity. Clearly it is a very nice working [...]

Nathan about Steam Department April 2017
Sat, 04-22-2017 00:20
Nigel, Great to hear from you again after all these months! While I am glad to hear great progress on the work in the IRM steam shop, some of you [...]

Paul Ahrens about Diesel Shop update week ending 4/2/2017
Thu, 04-20-2017 13:03
Gentlemen, Hope you all can help me. I am a volunteer loco. electrical troubleshooter working at the North Carolina Museum of Transportation. [...]

Keegan about The Shay and More News
Wed, 04-19-2017 09:24
Saw a steam engine on a flatcar in a UP freight, was that going to you guys or somewhere else?

J. Glander about Diesel Shop update week ending 4/9/2017
Sat, 04-15-2017 05:15
Per Wikipedia: Torque multipliers typically employ an epicyclic gear train having one or more stages. Each stage of gearing multiplies the torque [...]

chris sosin about Diesel Shop update week ending 4/9/2017
Fri, 04-14-2017 07:27
Hi Zody.... its a geared adaptor that adds turns to your wrench...for example...if you turn your wrench one complete turn, the multiplier will turn [...]

Jim about Diesel Shop update week ending 4/9/2017
Wed, 04-12-2017 22:47
Can someone tell me what happened with the Milwaukee Road 33C. I used to watch the E units pull trains through Byron when I was in grade school

Zody Topham about Diesel Shop update week ending 4/9/2017
Mon, 04-10-2017 17:58
How exactly does that torque AMPLIFIER work?

Taylor J. about The Shay and More News
Mon, 04-10-2017 08:55
I love that there are father and son volunteers!! What a great way to bond.

Thomas Kaufman about Model Railroad Display Update
Wed, 04-05-2017 15:25
Jamie, donation is in six plastic tubs. There is enough structures, scenic items, etc, for two 4x8 layouts. Three of the locomotives are DCC equipped [...]

Jamie K about Model Railroad Display Update
Tue, 04-04-2017 15:43
Thomas, there is a layout, it is stored in Nicks place in Union at the moment. No idea if it'll be used for this display, but there is a layout saved [...]

Jamie K about Diesel Shop update 1/26/2017
Tue, 04-04-2017 15:40
Kirk, no plans for CNW 1518 in the near term. We're going to focus on other long term projects to get them out of the shop and then move on to 1518.