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Thursday, June 4. 2009. Posted by James Kolanowski in Info Tech Department

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Bob Venditti about Working on the Orange and Brown
Sun, 09-24-2017 19:47
Great to see this car being restored. Living in Fla, it's difficult to visit as often as I'd like to. Looking forward to seeing it in IC colors on my [...]

Ted Miles about Painting the Yellow Stripe on the 3345
Tue, 09-19-2017 20:54
I am a fan of heavyweight like John McLoughlin and Mt Harvard. They only need one color Pullman green! Ted Miles

Gary about Painting the Yellow Stripe on the 3345
Sun, 09-17-2017 22:16
Another great job! this looks gorgeous!

Kirk Warner about Painting the Orange on IC 3345
Fri, 09-15-2017 21:03
I saw the IC car today and the paint looks wonderful. The car will stand out in a train once it it ready for service. Great job!

Matthew about The Painted Lady
Fri, 09-15-2017 13:33
Hi there I just wanted to say I really enjoyed working on this car although you forgot to mention my help on working on it.

Robert J about Working on the Orange and Brown
Wed, 09-13-2017 19:32
My understanding is that when IC painted equipment in the orange and brown that yellow went on firsat as the primer coat followed by orange and brown. [...]

Kurt Schlieter about Painting the Orange on IC 3345
Wed, 09-13-2017 17:01
Look great, but you might want to seriously consider getting a pressurized paint pot. These hold 1 to 5 gallons of paint depending on size. This would [...]

Mike G. about The dream, Believe It!
Sun, 09-10-2017 09:11
From the satellite view on Google maps, that appears to be mostly wooden trestle with one section of iron truss bridge... which by itself is probably [...]

Raphael about Working on the Orange and Brown
Sat, 09-09-2017 20:53
Does that mean that Barn 10 is the designated "Coach Yard"?

Patrick about The dream, Believe It!
Thu, 09-07-2017 20:27
That might be a bit too much bridge. Measuring it on Google Maps makes it out to be around 102 feet. Using the same tools, the UP bridge at the river [...]

Roger Kramer about Working on the Orange and Brown
Tue, 09-05-2017 10:17
Hi Matt We estimate the costs for installing 100 amp 240 volt stand by service would be between $2500 to $3000. Our shop is now designated area of [...]

Matt Maloy about Working on the Orange and Brown
Mon, 09-04-2017 09:34
@ Roger, how much would it cost to get this 10oamp 240 service? Because I think that would be a worth-while investment if the museum installed it.