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444 - Showcase Weekend September 20, 2009

Monday, September 21. 2009. Posted by Robert Kutella in Freight Car Department

433 - URTX 26640 Update September 9, 2009

Thursday, September 10. 2009. Posted by Robert Kutella in URTX 26640 Insulated Boxcar

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Raffi about Model Railway Display Building
Wed, 09-10-2014 17:37
and maybe there could be a Hobby Shop right next to it. for the model railroad as a whole, i am in the search for ho scale equipment of the entire [...]

Steve Grishaber about We did it again! RI 2602 repainted and in the Thomas Train
Wed, 09-10-2014 13:06
Roger - First, congrats to all involved in getting the coach cars ready in time for Thomas. Second,and I realize this is not your area of expertise, [...]

Roger Kramer about We did it again! RI 2602 repainted and in the Thomas Train
Fri, 09-05-2014 14:23
Hello SteveC Thanks for your compliments. Reason 1 for the 2524 was the lack of manpower and 2 was, of course,$. Since the passing of my mother I [...]

SteveC about We did it again! RI 2602 repainted and in the Thomas Train
Thu, 09-04-2014 22:41
Congratulations to all of you on your hard work and success! So glad to see these projects moving forward like they are. Is there any progress or [...]

Roger Kramer about Silver Pony Update
Thu, 09-04-2014 19:51
Hello Mr Cridlebaugh The Silver pony does need work. See me in back of barn 3 on a Wed and we can get you started with the crew.

Dick Cridlebaugh(member) about Silver Pony Update
Wed, 09-03-2014 21:26
I am very interested in Silver Pony...both to work and contribute.I live in East Peoria. When is work done??I have tools and available days this fall [...]

Roger Kramer about We did It! RI 2612 in the Thomas Train!
Sun, 08-31-2014 17:17
Yes we do. Its called a steam loco, 1630 Itt would take some money and time for each car. Mid Continent in North Freedom, Wis runs steam heat [...]

Chris about We did It! RI 2612 in the Thomas Train!
Sun, 08-31-2014 02:32
Steam lines? Does IRM have the capability to hook up cars to a functioning steam generator? That would be cool since I have never heard of a museum [...]

Richard Penn about L&N 2726 Diner news, July 25 2014
Wed, 08-13-2014 20:17
Roger can you tell us about what time the Galt House will be moved out of the barn and outdoors? As I would like to see it outside for the first time [...]

Roger Kramer about RI 2602: The call for more volunteers
Sun, 08-10-2014 08:05
Hello Tom Yes, We still need help. Please meet in back of barn 3 . You can drive around and park by the barn if you like. I'll be there about [...]

Eusebia Klitsch about Progress......another Ely update.......
Sat, 08-09-2014 08:14
Excellent information, keep up the great work.

Andrew Ossler about Steam Department Update 07-17-2014
Mon, 08-04-2014 16:21
Better yet for steam days if it is but together bring up 844, nkp 765, and 261 in addition to the other locs you listed above