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Dick Koch about Model Railroad Display Update
Sun, 03-26-2017 05:18
to Thomas Kaufman; Did you tell the IRM model RR project leader about your proposed donation? In November, 2015, that was Henry Vincent, try him [...]

McKeegan Curran about Model Railroad Display Update
Thu, 03-23-2017 09:50
I may be interested in those to, do you have a way I could contact you? I am a 15 your old model railroad and have a limited budget, so if you would [...]

Mike G. about Everyone Helps and We Get It Done
Wed, 03-22-2017 11:07
You refer to this as the last RI project. In recent years I have seen reference to additional RI cars owned by IRM located in another state which may [...]

Thomas Kaufman about Model Railroad Display Update
Sun, 03-19-2017 14:57
Jamie, I had already mentioned this to Harold Krewer. I have a large collection of HO trains I am curently trying to sell on Ebay that has both CNW [...]

Jamie K about Model Railroad Display Update
Wed, 03-15-2017 13:45
There is more in play than just the CNWHS and our model railroad. Additionally, CNWHS would like their own building.

Dick Koch about Model Railroad Display Update
Tue, 03-14-2017 23:07
There have been 2 buildings proposed for Main Street, the Model Railroad Display & the C&NW Historical Archives. Both groups have some raised money, [...]

Ted Miles about More action from the Barn 4 annex
Tue, 03-07-2017 21:46
folks, I think it is great to see the wood work going on in the Barn Four Annix. Using all those antique wood working tools is just icing on [...]

Kevin Kraszczyk about More Happy Holiday Scenes
Mon, 02-27-2017 22:33
Thanks for the feedback.

Logan about A Growing Group of Young Volunteers
Mon, 02-13-2017 13:46
You guys have way more peices of rolling stock and engines. The largest just has more books. I think IRM is really the largest in the world

CL Hogger about A Growing Group of Young Volunteers
Mon, 02-06-2017 09:55
Logan, when measuring the size of a museum its typically by the size of the collection. While IRM may not be the largest in the world, they are the [...]

Max Tyms about A Growing Group of Young Volunteers
Tue, 01-31-2017 16:40
In response to your quick questions: Yes, we are. and YES.

CL Hogger about Steam Department - December 2016
Mon, 01-30-2017 00:08
While the social media posts you are referencing correct about 975 being outside, it is FAR from "sitting in a field and rusting away." The Illinois [...]