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Roger Kramer about Bay City Crane Restoration
Fri, 11-30-2018 19:48
Hello Ted No, its not the Metro Burro crane. Its the Bay City 25 ton Crane sitting in the back of the Steam Shop. Thanks Roger

Ted Miles about Bay City Crane Restoration
Fri, 11-30-2018 13:43
Is that the Metra Burro Model 30 crane you are working on?

Ethan Armitage about Bay City Crane Restoration
Tue, 11-27-2018 17:12
Good Job.

Robert E Dumont about Paul Cronin is the Passenger Car Department Curator
Sat, 11-03-2018 17:05
Are you the Paul Cronin from B&M days at Iron Horse Park?

Mark Kothenbeutel about Part 4 Milw 649
Mon, 09-24-2018 18:39
keep up the good work on this car. Wish I could be there to help. is starting to look good.

Ted Miles about GBW 109
Thu, 09-06-2018 18:16
I am glad to see you took away the caboose fittings; they were only added in the car's last two years. By all means, put in the right seat frames, [...]

Raphael about GBW 109
Fri, 08-31-2018 00:23
was this car heated by a coal stove at one point in time?

Roger Kramer about Steam bites
Thu, 08-30-2018 20:01
Hello Raphael Well, I don't know what the plans are for the painting of the engine. Only one person is working on it and he is a paid employee. [...]

Raphael about Steam bites
Thu, 08-30-2018 14:35
975: Will the Smoke Box, or at least the cover, get the Metalic Silver paint job found on all SP steam engines? And what will the lettering on the [...]

Roger Kramer about More Mt Harvard Painting
Thu, 08-23-2018 20:11
Hi Kurt I am working on a blog for the 649

Kirk Warner about More Mt Harvard Painting
Thu, 08-23-2018 08:16
Lots of hard work going into achieving the nice finishes that are being applied. The finished product looks great! Is any of your team still working [...]

Matt Maloy about Update... 428
Wed, 08-22-2018 14:38
If you want to keep up on the Electric Department, Ted, I'd recommend looking up the Hick Car Works. A couple members from the IRM Electric Car Dept [...]