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Mike G. about A Colorfull IC 3345
Sun, 11-12-2017 08:21
Mike Dee: considering the possibility that the car has had several owners (railroad or private) before it came to IRM, it is probable that returning [...]

Ted Miles about A Colorfull IC 3345
Thu, 11-09-2017 20:14
Mike, I believe the C,RI&P sold the Diesel locomotive to the C&NW; so it came to the IRM in their colors. I would have said the are [...]

Jeron G about Sycamore, Illinois The Halloween Parade
Tue, 11-07-2017 15:10
The event is not a Halloween parade. It's actually the "Sycamore Pumpkin Festival Parade", and has been part of the traditional Sycamore festival [...]

Mike Dee about A Colorfull IC 3345
Sat, 10-28-2017 08:25
"Recreation".....Why is this word being used? Does that imply that this car never was the IC 3345? What's up with that.

nicholaus j gawriluk about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Fri, 10-27-2017 07:26
Jamie is there a list of upcoming paint projects?

Jamie K about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Thu, 10-26-2017 16:35
Thank you for the kind comments and for supporting the museum's restoration efforts. The 4506 no longer needs any money for its paint job, however, [...]

Michael McCraren about BLE 25 Window and Body Maintenance
Thu, 10-26-2017 07:32
In defense of the former curator the budgets were tight and the money was spent on keeping the cars running so IRM could have a coach train each year. [...]

RI4506 donor about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Wed, 10-25-2017 22:08
Dear IRM Diesel Shop, I can't tell you how happy I am with your work on RI 4506! Your diesel paint jobs are the absolute best. I would like to [...]

Dj about Steam Department April 2017
Wed, 10-25-2017 20:56
Wen is Shay 5 going to run

dean about BLE 25 Window and Body Maintenance
Sun, 10-22-2017 19:52
As usual Roger and his band of "car rescuers" does it again, Thank you Roger and crew for excellent top notch work, again.

Kurt Schlieter about Painting the Orange on IC 3345
Sun, 10-22-2017 18:39
Roger, if you use a liner or a container in the pot the only added work is flushing the material hose and the pickup tube.

Ted Miles about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Sun, 10-22-2017 12:57
I have the Fall 2017 Rail & Wire. I hope the dardanelle & Russellville #14 goes back to the Missouri Pacific #9001 one of these days. Ted Miles, [...]