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Ted Miles, IRM Member about Mid-April Coach Department Update
Sat, 04-25-2015 19:24
Mr. Cronin, You have a big job on oyur hands with that Passenger car Collection. So why is the C,B & Q 7128 coach with is cut down to [...]

Russ Prince about Model Railway Display Building
Thu, 04-23-2015 23:00
This Model Railroad board doesn't seem to be generating the interest I would have hoped it would. Is the idea of funding a building for a model [...]

Roger Kramer about Springtime 2015 on the RI 2612
Wed, 04-22-2015 08:44
Thanks Brian for updating the repair facts. Yes, Safety First! Roger

Brian L. about Springtime 2015 on the RI 2612
Tue, 04-21-2015 22:57
The pipe itself is still intact and sound. A fitting was rotted out and we had to pull the whole pipe up to that point to get to it. The only anchor [...]

Kirk Warner about More on the John Mcloughlin
Tue, 04-21-2015 09:42
What is to be done with all of the holes in the roof where the rusted out metal has been removed?

Roger Kramer about More on the John Mcloughlin
Mon, 04-20-2015 19:33
Hello Dave Well.... Yes, your right. I always try and edit everything I print but sometimes my eyes miss things. This time it was two little [...]

David S about More on the John Mcloughlin
Mon, 04-20-2015 15:09
82 feet high? I don't think that will fit under the trolley wire! But seriously, kudos to all of you who work on this and the other cars.

Brian L. about The Old Bag and the Silver Beaver
Sun, 04-19-2015 20:34
Adding 1309 to the mix gives us more flexibility in building consists and allows us to reduce wear on our service cars. 1309 also has 6 axles and a [...]

Jerry C about Diesel Shop update from January 17, 2015
Sun, 04-19-2015 04:49
I need to get in contact with someone from the Diesel Department about sound recordings of a particular locomotive that the IRM owns. I am willing to [...]

MRZ about The Old Bag and the Silver Beaver
Sat, 04-18-2015 09:26
After last weeks severe weather that occured not too far from the IRM's campus I began to wonder about how, and if the museum's collection is covered [...]

Robert Penn about The Old Bag and the Silver Beaver
Fri, 04-17-2015 17:33
Couldn't you just add another car for extra brakes? Also then shouldn't the RPO car always be out for a more authentic train?

Brian L. about The Old Bag and the Silver Beaver
Thu, 04-16-2015 22:08
From the operations side, 1309 would be a welcome addition for appearances behind 1630 and give us more weight and therefore more brakes. When 1630 is [...]