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Brian J. Patterson about A Major Announcement
Tue, 05-26-2015 07:20
Individual donations in any amount the donor chooses may be made by check or money order. Write "Mt Harvard" in the "for" or "memo" line of your check [...]

Nigel Bennett about 1630 Normal running
Sun, 05-24-2015 16:21
Steve, Thank you. It is the appreciation and introducing new generations to working steam that makes the work worthwhile. Impressive set of [...]

Steve Krause about 1630 Normal running
Sun, 05-24-2015 15:50
And I really appreciate the work! Got a lot of fine images with the sunshine yesterday, and got to briefly introduce my daughter to the cab courtesy [...]

Nigel Bennett about 1630 in service
Sun, 05-24-2015 10:53
Tim, Good idea. I will talk to our store manager about this. Nigel

Tim about 1630 in service
Sat, 05-23-2015 22:32
Awesome train, my son loved his first ride today. I just wish you guys sold some nice photos or artwork of this great train. I would love to buy [...]

C Kronenwetter about 1630 in service
Sat, 05-23-2015 18:13
Very nicely done, Nigel. Thanks to the steam team for all of their hard work!

Glyn about A Major Announcement
Fri, 05-22-2015 19:03
You mentioned the fund is called MT. HARVARD. How can I donate to this fund? What payment methods are accepted? PayPal would be convenient but I can [...]

Ted Miles, IRM Member about Early February woodshop activies
Fri, 05-22-2015 17:30
Fellow Members, This summer is an anniversary of the 1964 move during May to july of the move from North chicago to Union. Perhaps [...]

Mark Poynter about 1630 in service
Fri, 05-22-2015 09:53
Well done and many congratulations to the entire steam crew! I'll be coming to IL from MT this summer and will see 1630 on July 4th.

David S about A Major Announcement
Fri, 05-22-2015 08:21
Do the generator and air conditioner work? If the generator works, the car could be used as the tail car for night ops. Thanks for your generous [...]

Zach Kaye about 1630 in service
Thu, 05-21-2015 22:51
Awesome!!! Coming down for the event this Monday. Can hardly wait to see her in action!!!

Roger Kramer about A Major Announcement
Wed, 05-20-2015 21:47
Hello Warren The Mt. Harvard has the Pullman Mechanical system. Basically two Spicer drives one off each axle One runs the generator and the other [...]