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Matt Maloy about A Real Moving Experience
Wed, 02-28-2018 15:58
I see the museum is acquiring an Amtrak AEM-7. Will it be running, or is it just going to be a display piece?

Bobb Losse Sr about L&N 314 Alco FA update
Mon, 02-19-2018 17:26
Lookin'good. If you intend to cable the field shunt resistors, do it sooner than later. We just did ours last weekend after all the other cabling is [...]

Bill McCoy about A Real Moving Experience
Wed, 02-07-2018 11:07
Where did the wood PFE reefer in the moving days pictures come from. I know we have the beautiful R30-28 fully restored. This car doesn't appear in [...]

Gerry Dettloff about Shorts from the Electric Car Dept
Sun, 02-04-2018 19:43
If you want to keep up with the Car Dept you should follow the Hicks Blog. Randy post Car Dept news all the time.

Ray Schmid about Shorts from the Electric Car Dept
Tue, 01-30-2018 13:48
Thanks Roger! I enjoyed the Michigan Electric 28 update with pictures. Glad to see our IRM President take a moment for a picture. I'm sure he is [...]

Bobb Losse Sr about L&N 314 Alco FA update
Mon, 01-29-2018 13:58
Electrical work looks good. Stay the course. What were you planning to do with the brake schedule? We have installed 26 FNL to replace the 24 RL with [...]

Matt Maloy about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Sat, 01-27-2018 16:39
Would the Illinois Railway Museum have any interest in saving or acquiring Metra F40C #610? I'm sure diesel department has more than enough projects [...]

Dick Cridlebaugh about More from the Silver Pony Crew
Fri, 01-26-2018 20:31
Jan 2018-sorry I have not been up to help on Silver Pony. I will send another check soon and hope to get there. it is about 165 miles for me. I did [...]

Jeff Brady about Active work force in Barn 4 annex
Thu, 01-25-2018 15:45
Ray, Good to hear from you. Norm and I plus 3 people from the Steam Shop have been riveting the front end framing. I have had to drop out due to [...]

Sandy Millsap about More from Steam Alley
Sun, 01-21-2018 06:59
I just want to comment that I read your blog often and learned many years ago how dedicated you all are; from Mr. Berkman and mr late husband Bill [...]

Ethan A. about More from Steam Alley
Sat, 01-20-2018 20:12
Good job on the steam update. Sincerely, Ethan A.

Raphael Chapman about Active work force in Barn 4 annex
Thu, 01-18-2018 22:25
Up until now, I haven't heard any news on 451 since it arrived from Trollyville. Is it a good time to resume on that car?