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Brian Davies about Shay #5 from Brian Davies January 2016
Sat, 02-06-2016 20:04
Hi All, To answer a few questions here: The decision to convert the shay to burn coal was made before the locomotive got to IRM. It was [...]

Brian Davies about Update on a locomotive you seldom hear of
Sat, 02-06-2016 19:54
Hello all, As you can see, sometimes it takes a while for me to respond to the blogs! Nigel has so far been the person who puts my blogs up, and [...]

Jamie K about The Black Tie Event
Fri, 02-05-2016 13:21
Matt, We already own the RoW to and just east of Coin Station Road in Huntley. The bridge is the biggest hurdle at this point, and we don't see a need [...]

Matt Maloy about The Black Tie Event
Fri, 02-05-2016 09:26
I know this would be very costly and almost impossible to do, but would the museum ever consider trying to expand their "mainline" all the way to [...]

Raphael about Diesel Shop update 1/27/2016 and 1/30/2016
Thu, 02-04-2016 23:11
just general, but would the museum have enough room for a working AEM-7?

Roger Kramer about More Barn Juice
Thu, 02-04-2016 18:40
Jamie I figured it will be a long time before it all gets completed.

Jamie K about More Barn Juice
Thu, 02-04-2016 00:24
Honestly, I think you both are off. I fully expect it to take nearly a couple of months to make all the moves for these barns and the others. There is [...]

Roger Kramer about More Barn Juice
Wed, 02-03-2016 19:34
Hi Cody I hope your right, but remembering past switch moves I still have my doubts. Good luck to you and your crew! Switch SAFE! Roger

CL Hogger about More Barn Juice
Wed, 02-03-2016 10:30
Its great to see all this progress, but to be honest Roger, switching equipment into the barns should only several days, not several weeks, [...]

Brian J. Patterson about Dover Strait Restoration Resumes
Wed, 02-03-2016 06:34
Thanks for the timely and important detail correction for the exact composition of this material. "Mastipave" is the name I've heard used most, [...]

Marvin Bult Rose Cartage about More Increditable Pictures of the Mt. Harvard Move
Tue, 02-02-2016 20:47
Hi Roger, Need hauling pictures, for Illinois State Permit Seminar. Please email me ASAP! Thank you Marv

Ted Miles, IRM Member about Excitement On and Around the Rails
Mon, 02-01-2016 21:07
I just got my copy of the new Rail & Wire and it is great! The layout and photography is superior to the last few issues. The article on the #1024 is [...]