I a bit perplexed. Why stsrt another E-unit project while 33C languishes?
#1 MRZ on 2011-11-28 15:47
The last time I saw the 33C it didnt even have body panels. I'd say its better to tackle the smaller jobs and get the locomotives out there rather than hold up an entire department for one locomotive. When it comes time for 6930's resoration we probably wont be seeing it again for a couple years at least, with all that metal.
#1.1 Adam on 2012-01-23 19:57
It will be great to see the cleaned up green BN scheme, which is accurate for the locomotive in this configuration. The E9Au is a Chicago commuter classic. There are a couple of CB&Q hybrid restorations that don't look quite right. A Zephyr is just not what it is.
#2 Chris on 2011-11-28 17:01
When we do go back to CB&Q, all the HEP equipment will be coming off the roof since it has no more HEP equipment inside of it anyway. The side sheets will be changed to stainless, the nose door will get its headlight back, and the pilot will get a couple minor modifications to make it look almost spot on to an E8 that was 9976.
#2.1 James Kolanowski on 2011-11-28 18:15
Good point Chris. I lived in Chicagoland briefly in 1974 (working on C&NW, living in Schiller Park, near "Q" mainline. Those WSMTD rebuilt E-8s and E-9s were glistening in their shiny green BN paint. It's hard to realize that was 40 years ago. Sometimes, not realizing how NEAR our history is, we seek it FAR away!
#2.2 douglas kydd on 2014-11-25 11:30
This is terrific news! I remember seeing 9976 in her CB&Q garb, sitting in the weeds outside of the West Burlington Shops with a few of her sisters back in 1976. She had not yet been rebuilt for commuter service on the BN. Can't wait to see her back as the 9976.
#3 Hubert Hanrahan on 2011-12-09 21:35
My friends and I recently made a trip out to the museum from Chicago specifically to catch a glimpse of this locomotive. It was well worth the trip. Seeing and hearing it brought back great memories of traveling to the zoo as a kid, celebrating Christmas downtown, and spending all day at the museums. This train may not have the 'national appeal' of the silver CB&Q scheme, but the locomotive as it looks in its BN green is nothing short of a local hero. The St Louis Trans. Museum recently converted 2 E9AMs back to CB&Q silver and they look great, but the BN 'Chicago Commuter' train is unique. Every family living in the western suburbs anywhere between Chicago to Aurora from 1975-1995 recognizes the train. Why is the E9AM in the 'Chicago Commuter' setup not considered worth saving?
#4 Jay Greene on 2012-12-12 02:08
Jay, somewhere in another blog post we explained our plans for 9908 and BN3. Since 9908 is missing its HEP engine and given the work we need to do to it, it is much better suited to have a proper restoration back to CB&Q 9976. The BN-3 is complete as it is, HEP and all, and is better suited to be restored to BN 9919 in the commuter scheme, leaving the BN1 and BN2 to represent the executive scheme. Neither will happen for some time, but that is the plan.
#4.1 Jamie K on 2012-12-12 03:33
You mean Burlington Northern #9908 will go back to being Chicago Burlington & Quincy #9976 ?
#4.2 Daniel Walton on 2017-05-16 11:36
Yes, the plan is to have CB&Q 9976 available as an alternate silver locomotive for the Nebraska Zephyr should 9911A be unavailable for service. Since CB&Q 960, the Nebraska Zephyr "Venus" is a coach/power car, The Zephyr does not require a locomotive with head end power (and ran last year with Frisco 1630 up front!). Restoring BN9908 to CB&Q 9976 also adds the availability of a future second "silver train" for operation at IRM or movie location filming while keeping the rare Zephyr safe.
#4.2.1 Mike G. on 2017-05-21 08:14
I must have missed that post, but thanks for the clarification. I am really glad to hear plans are in place to save one of the BN commuters. You guys are amazing craftsmen and thanks for all the hard work! Thanks to you, I will be able to bring my kids out to show them the train their Dad rode into Chicago so many times.
#5 Jay Greene on 2012-12-12 13:53
Is the pilot to the 9908 as-delivered or did it originally have a concealed coupler (I guess you could call it that)? If it had a different pilot, will it be restored to that?
#6 Nick D. on 2012-12-13 22:24
Nick, the front coupler is the same as built non-retractable design. The pilot, which has a hole for the coupler, was changed during the MK rebuilds. We plan on making some cosmetic modifications when the times comes to have it match a little closer to the as-built pilot.
#6.1 Jamie K on 2012-12-14 16:26
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