I'll buy some votes! Thanks for providing the car account number (I wasn't aware of it until now). My vote is to (1) return the car to its CGW passenger service scheme, and (2) return it to its passenger configuration for eventual use in the passenger fleet. The wise Mr. Kutella posted an opinion about the car on the IRM list which I agree with completely. I hope he doesn't mind, but I will re-post here what he said: "In general I am of the opinion that we should re-paint equipment back to a service scheme. In this case this would be CGW maroon. I have color chips and original paint numbers for the Rinksell Mason maroon used by EMD on some of the CGW early diesels. But I cannot give you an answer on any of the configuration questions, or modifications that may have been made as it moved to company MOW service. Still, to a visitor it is clearly a passenger car, and I would vote to repaint it in a scheme for when it served as such. Of course there are exceptions to my self imposed 'rule' including if major visual modifications and changes had been made." Another reason I favor the CGW scheme is that the CGW is a lesser known and under-represented road name. Thanks. Lucien O.
#1 Anonymous on 2012-04-28 15:18
Thanks for you support,Lucien! I also would like the coach painted to CGW colors. Parts are missing and/or laying in the rock when it was moved. Will the coach revert to the SPC dept?Yes, I hope, we need more working pass equipment for the public to ride on.
#1.1 Anonymous on 2012-04-29 17:27
The book "Chicago Great Western Color Guide" (Morning Sun) has some interesting notes about these CGW combines: [BEGIN QUOTE] "In 1954 the CGW bought some used cars from the Chesapeake and Ohio for use on trains 5 and 6. ... The C&O combines, I am told, were 'classy' cars. They had nice seats, rode nicely and had such touches as chrome plated grab irons and tail gate on the passenger vestibule." [END QUOTE] I'm just curious, does car #285 have any chrome-plated grab irons, hardware, etc, left on it? Thank you.
#1.1.1 Lucien O. on 2012-05-10 00:46
Yes there are some chrome plated partsespecially on the sissors gate. Unfortunately, they were recently taken off, and left in the gravel. I have retrived them and noe are saved for the future. Roger
# Anonymous on 2012-05-10 12:58
I will be sending some color photos of the CGW 285 shortly after rebuilding by the CGW. And yes, they had chrome grabs and the end gate. I had been approached by the F&EV museum 20 years ago about purchasing the car, but had no place to store it, or the funds to restore it. Glad to see it has a good home at IRM.
# Don Vaughn on 2012-05-10 17:08
I have been keeping an eye on this car for years. I am sooooo glad to have the good folks working on this. I would love to see it repainted in the C&NW colors that it now is in, but more importantly, any color as long as it is restored. I would love to see it return to the passenger fleet. I think that a combine car would be great and would allow for open window rides or even a vending area while on the train. I can't wait to see it completed!!!!
#2 Steve Carlson on 2012-04-30 09:41
Thank you. If you are send pics to Irm in mail,Please make it attention Roger Kramer. Thanks..
#3 Roger Kramer on 2012-05-11 10:45
I would also like to see the car back in CGW maroon. IRM has some photos by my uncle, V. Allan Vaughn with the car in service in the mid 1950s. I believe I sent Roger the scan of the car from the equipment diagram book, so as to how the car looked inside, that is not going to be a problem. One thing that one of our little CGW group last summer noted, if the car is repainted CNW yellow, it will be MoW, and not a passenger conveyance! I like Steve's comments on usage.
#4 Don Vaughn on 2012-11-20 19:20
Hello Don... If it were up to me I would paint it To the CGW maroon color!!and restore it to some form of passenger conveyance. The 285 is still under the control of the diesel dept and have been using it as storage for diesel parts. Until the decision is made to move out of the car and give control to the coach dept the coach will retain its MoW standing, sorry Roger Kramer
#4.1 Roger Kramer on 2012-11-21 21:09
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