Just curious, was it common practice by railroads to have mismatched fabrics in their chair cars? Also, are these chairs just random chairs or are they from the milwaukee road or other railroads?
#1 Ray Stahl on 2013-07-05 14:57
Hello Ray I believe it was not common practice to mismatch fabrics but if one or more chairs were damaged the crews probably replaced them w/ whatever was available within reason. The chairs that are in the LC obs section are examples of that period and from the Irm collection. Yet to be determined is the installation of carpeting. then we can rearrange chairs. Lastly, to my knowledge we do not even have an interior picture of what that area looked like in service. To correct any mistakes would take at least $20-$30k to make a great representation, Irm will never spend that kind of $ on that car. Donations are that important to us.! If you would like to help w/ this project send your $ to the L City fund. Thanks Roger Kramer
#1.1 Roger Kramer on 2013-07-05 16:23
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#1.1.1 L. F. on 2013-07-11 20:03
Hello L. F. I have not seen the pictures you have mentioned. I SURE WOULD LOVE to see them for it makes it much easier in aiding the restoration. I have purchased about $1,000.00 of needed parts for the car but have not had time to install them. I hope the museum pays for them. In the meantime would it be possible to call Nick and ask him to find the pictures and give copies to John McKelvey and myself? He is working on the reupholstering of the chairs. Thanks to your Dad and your family donation! We will be good stewards of the car. Regards Roger Kramer
# Roger Kramer on 2013-07-12 14:09
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