Missed the push me pull you this year. If you guys do a high noch engine pulling dynamic breaking load the X-5000 should go in the middle. Chuck said they hav not seen the drawbar piston on the dynamometer yet move yet.
#1 Buzz on 2014-07-19 19:39
The hydraulic drawbar on X-5000 works. Its operation was determined Saturday evening and successfully used all day Sunday. The car measured up to a peak of 50,000 lbs of pull and 40,000 lbs of buff (push) at varying points. Usual forces did not exceed 20,000 lbs on the gauge. Part of the problem with getting the drawbar to move is that the drawbar is currently not set up for the light loads we are putting on it. Four coaches is not a lot of drag when the system is set up to have a 100 car train behind it.
#1.1 Brian L. on 2014-07-21 17:48
Great show today; 100% improved from last year. Ran at a faster pace which kept it interesting. Also, the brief synopsis of each loco made it very informative. Consider adding more detail to next year's show; such as does the unit have dynamic brakes (and how to tell), how to tell an E3 from an E7 (or F3 from F7), why some road switchers have a B-B configuration and some have C-C, where the steam generators were located, how to tell, and why they were there. Also, for these special events, consider renting some portable food stations (soda fountain, hot table for hot dogs/hamburgers) put them in/around the depot. Should considerably augment your F/B sales. Again, congratulations on a great event.
#2 Jim Patlyek on 2014-07-19 21:02
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