It was great to see the Inglehome on the coach train today while watching the web cam. Will it be on the consist for Chicago Day or Diesel Days? It is a wonderful car on which to ride. Thanks to the dedicated IRM volunteers for their dedication in preserving such a great collection!
#1 James Casillas on 2009-05-23 20:13
we hope to see a complete heavyweight train more often. Our major hesitation in using the car is the deteriorating upholstery, somewhat caused by over use and the occasional abuses. The current estimate is 30k to get everything redone. We are also adding the RPO to the train to make it visually more complete for visitors and webcam viewers. Dont forget the RPO days on June 13 and 14 as well.
#1.1 Phil Stepek on 2009-05-23 21:52
Phil, I am glad to hear that the Inglehome will be on the consist a bit more. I remember seeing it on the consist for Diesel Days and Museum Showcase Weekend in recent years. Moreover, I think that it is wonderful that IRM is aiming for a more complete heavyweight consist on a regular basis. If I ever hit the lottery, I would certainly donate to this project; as this car should be preserved for many years to come. Thanks! Looking forward to visiting the museum on Chicago Day! James
#1.1.1 James Casillas on 2009-05-24 20:42
thanks for the support. Keep an eye out on June 13 and 14 too as we have another RPO weekend. It has not been publicized much, but we plan several runs with mail snatches. We also are planning to do onboard cancellations this year, as it sounds like we have the local postmaster coming out to participate.
# Phil Stepek on 2009-05-24 21:11
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