was lucky enough to be visiting today. didn't even know about the ww2 re-enactment, what a plus. my whole family really enjoyed it. we hope this is something that will become a yearly event. we'll definitely be looking for it next year. great job everybody (period dressed women and men alike,oh ya, and the pilot that kept flying overhead... nice touch)!
#1 nick moore on 2009-10-03 15:35
Just wanted to let you know what a surprise and delight he Anzio Express was on Saturday! THe WWII reenactors were so professional and in; made you feel like you were right there. Let us know whe they will be there again and I will make sure to ocme with oyt school age children who view history as someting boring to do during Third Period. Your enactors and trains really brought history to life!! Thanks!
#2 Vicki Braund on 2009-10-04 20:44
The Anzio Express was excellent. The reenctors were very knowledgeable and added to the enjoyment of the trains. The outfits worn by soldiers, WACS, and women and the cars and trucks added to the enjoyment. Please bring them back and consider other theme events such as Civil War and steam engines, WWI etc. This was a great learning experience fo adults and children! Thank you for a great idea and having a great museum.
#3 Michael Mercury on 2009-10-04 22:02
Thank you all for your comments. As a co-event coordinator, we are happy to say that the event will be back over the Memorial Day Weekend for two days in 2010! It should be bigger and better! All the re-enactors are volunteers who give their time and expertise many times a year to help re-educate the public on what the war really was. We hope you liked it and will return for more next year. Thanks to the Museum Board for supporting us in the trial run.... Phil
#4 Phil Lauricella on 2009-10-11 19:16
Good day Phil, I'm Doug and I took many photos during the Anzio Reenactment. The day was great, everyone did a wonderful job. If the IL Railroad Museum would like to put some of them on their website I would be happy to copies. Also, I would like to contact the reenactors and offer the same to them. do you have an email address for me? You can view my shots at Nature's Light Photography: Best regards, Doug
#5 Douglas on 2009-10-28 14:51
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