i bet the parts that where from the long-gone M.E. 26 are working for you. am i right or am i right?:-)
#1 Eric Chapman on 2010-01-18 16:20
I assume you mean the ME 28? The car was built in St. Louis Missouri. I do not think the carbuilders sourced much of the wood materials locally. They maintained huge stockpiles of lumber depending on the finishes specified by the customers, or what was required structurally in the designs. Interurbans aspired to emulate the designs, finish, and feel of heavyweight railroad cars so many of the choices trickled down from steam road cars. Did I mention basswood, also? Bob kutella
#1.1 Robert Kutella on 2010-01-19 04:30
well from what i remember is that you guys were gonna use the skeleton pattern from M.E. 26. where i got this from was a 2005 winter issue of rail & wire issue #206. its title, Michigan electric car 26 THE ORGAN DONOR. by a historian for albion MI name, Frank Passic. that is how I know from the previus. Does it make sense now?
#2 Eric Chapman on 2010-01-19 16:50
The 26 was a partial carbody that was scrapped, some parts recovered and saved for the 28. No context in reference to the new work on the baggage doors. Bob Kutella
#2.1 Robert Kutella on 2010-01-20 05:31
ive also been wondering, what colors are used and what it the design of the paint scheme?
#3 Eric Chapman on 2010-01-20 18:36
When you are looking at the blogs, go to the category tree on the right side below the calendar. Click the PLUS sign for Electric cars and you will see the expanded list which includes Michigan Electric 28. Click that link and you will get only the posts for that project displayed in time order. Go back to the post for May 4 2008 and you will see a shot with a pretty good view of the colors. The sides are similar, orange over dark green. The numbers on the green are imitation gold, while the lettering on the letterboard is red with black outlines. The graphics for those have been prepared but none applied to the car until more progress on re-painting. Bob Kutella
#3.1 Robert Kutella on 2010-01-21 05:37
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