Are parts for the reverser available or can the existing part have to be rebuilt?
#1 Kirk Warner on 2010-02-24 16:40
Dan is checking with Logan Corp, but they are typically on the pricey side, if the parts are even available. He has found a mostly complete, but used reverser for a C30-7 for about $900. We may just go that route. A new one is said to be about $22k.
#1.1 James Kolanowski on 2010-02-24 21:18
I used to be locomotive supervisor on the old KJRY, the damage is all too familiar, but mine was caused by a crewman loosing his balance on Hamilton hill and inadvertently hitting the "CONTROL" permit switch on our ex-C&NW 4252(Cummins-Kato) The KJ has a C30-7 at La Harpe dead. Maybe parts there?
#1.1.1 J>P>LewistonJr. on 2010-03-05 20:00
What is the current condition on Burlington Northern 5383 U30C? When is it planned to be in operation? Same question with Green Bay and Western 2407 Alco RSD-15. And are there any plans for the diesels that don't really get mentioned such as: Grand Trunk Western 1951 AlCO RS-1, Columbus and Greenville 606 Baldwin AS-416,Santa Fe EMD FP45, and Milwaukee Road 5056 GE U25B?
#1.1.2 T. Bernacki on 2010-06-04 20:35
What's up with the 2407? It appears that it's been moved indoors. Are we in store for an ALCO restoration?
#2 Mike Z. on 2010-04-05 20:41
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