Kind of a shame that the EMD sign is painted in the last (post GM) paint scheme, although the classic EMD logo is on the sign. I live less than a mile from the plant and have lived in the area for almost 40 years and the former graphics were much more classic and would likely be more appropriate for the Museum. The good news is that the sign is in place; at some point in the future it will probably need repainting or repair and that should be the opportunity to take the sign back in time.
#1 Patrick Cunningham on 2010-11-17 00:28
As with so many projects, the first step is getting the artifact. Often times it is in a condition or paint scheme that may not be ideal. The key is that it has been saved and, thanks to many people, is now on display. This project was a challenge manpower-wise and monetarily. What goes into a project like this? Over the last couple years it involved the initial contact, arrangement of the donation, coordinating getting it, actually transporting it to the museum, picking a location, preparing the site, digging and pouring the footings, carefully measuring those footings so they would line up with the sign, and actually erecting and securing the sign - and those are just the major steps. It was a herculean effort by everyone involved. Eventually we will need to do maintenance on the sign and your donation to the B&G Sign Restoration Fund will help move that forward. Everyone involved in this multi-year task should be proud of and enjoy all they have accomplished.
#2 Ray Piesciuk on 2010-11-17 08:42
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