I am simply amazed by the quality work being accomplished on the Route 10 streetcar restoration. Can you remind us of what work remains--wheels and motors? Have replacements been procured?
#1 Daryl Meyer on 2010-11-08 11:46
This is probably too long an answer. But the car uses four 35 hp motors and those have been sent to a motor shop where reconditioning has been completed. The motors are on hand. The wheels are more complicated. The TM was nominally 'standard gauge' so we did not anticipate problems although they used a compromise wheel tread and flange design, compared to full profile AAR wheels. With a collection as diverse as ours, we must use a 'universal' track structure, and that would include steam and diesel trains, North Shore cars, etc. In practice the narrower wheel treads and flanges on this car, and a few others, result in a back to back distance from the inside of the wheel faces that is a bit wider than if AAR wheels were used. The result is that the car does not get moved by the guardrails in a turnout to reliably and safely travel past the point of a track frog. Several solutions are proposed in varying levels of complexity and cost. Now that the truck is out and available for detailed engineering and costing, look for a decision to be made soon. Bob Kutella
#1.1 Robert Kutella on 2010-11-09 05:37
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