As an out of state member who cannot get back very often to see what is in work, was just wondering if the focus is just on 1630 and getting it running? Did not know any other engines were being actively worked also? I know you can only do so much at once.
#1 Steve on 2011-07-12 07:31
Three locomotives are in the shop being worked on. Frisco 1630, UP 428, and Shay no. 5. The nature of the work depends on which volunteer is on hand which day (special skill sets), and which tasks are ready to do, parts, materials, tools, and supplies at the ready. I am just the reporter for many of these BLOG posts and so you should regard any entries as just that - NEWS. Bob Kutella
#1.1 Robert Kutella on 2011-07-13 04:53
How long does it take to make all of 1630's tubes by yourselves (if you had all the time and energy you want) estimate
#2 Raphael Chapman on 2011-07-13 22:28
We have done several tube jobs for our locomotives, over the years. The short process is to obtain new tube material, which is a not inexpensive proposition. Cut them to length. Develop a fixture and set of dies to allow you to heat and then swage one end of each tube. This enlarges that one end since the holes in the front and rear tubesheet are not the same size. Finally install them, roll them to expand and seat them in both tubesheets. I believe we favor using a copper washer around the ends of the tubes and those are not available for purchase, so must be made or find a firm to make them. I am sure there are hundreds, of tubes. The superheater flues are much the same process, but larger diameter, so different dies needed to swage and roll them in. In a pinch, I believe the regulations allow re-use of the old tubes under some special conditions, cutting off the used ends and welding new extensions on those, creating a 'safe end'. Either way the task is MONTHS with a limited volunteer workforce, that after the old tubes are removed, and inspections and surveys complete. Bob Kutella
#2.1 Robert Kutella on 2011-07-14 04:56
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