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Roger Kramer about Painting the Yellow Stripe on the 3345
Sun, 10-22-2017 12:37
Hello Jim Please stop by when ever you can. Hope to see you Thanks for the compliment! Roger

Roger Kramer about New Acquisation: What is CN 15444?
Sun, 10-22-2017 12:33
Hello Bob Yes Irm has acquired the 15444 but we have not had time or funds to move it. If you would like to help us move please consider a [...]

bob miller about New Acquisation: What is CN 15444?
Sat, 10-21-2017 16:40
has CN15444 steam generator made it to Union? Thinking about this as the weather changes from hot to cold. Was the acquisition successful? any [...]

David S about A Colorfull IC 3345
Sat, 10-21-2017 14:13
Matt, the Diesel Department is quite capable of doing its own cosmetic restorations. They are currently repainting CRIP 4506 in Bankrupt [...]

Logan about Santa Fe 92, The History and The Plan
Thu, 10-12-2017 15:41
I read a rumor saying that you guys secured a loan for TP&W 800. Is this true?

Nigel Bennett about Steam Department April 2017
Sun, 10-08-2017 13:04
#938 is now being painted so she will look a great deal better on display. Great work by Phil and the team. Work done is a cosmetic restoration. At [...]

James Becker about Painting the Yellow Stripe on the 3345
Thu, 10-05-2017 18:36
Classy and excellent work on the Illinois Central car. You all have done some excellent work.

Matt Maloy about A Colorfull IC 3345
Wed, 10-04-2017 12:12
You guys have done a fantastic job. I think you all deserve a break so you can step back and admire your work, because this car looks great. Now I do [...]

Jason Kliewer about Tank Car Restoration Progress - September - October 2013
Sun, 10-01-2017 00:05
I'm trying to build a model of this ACF tank car but don't have any information about how the brake wheel stand attaches to the frame of the car. Is [...]

Roger Kramer about Painting the Orange on IC 3345
Sat, 09-30-2017 21:51
Hello Kurt DID you ever paint with a pot? It takes longer to clean the system then its worth.

Roger Kramer about Working on the Orange and Brown
Sat, 09-30-2017 21:50
Thanks Bob Thanks for your input. We are all volunteers and not a paid rr staff. We do what we can.

Roger Kramer about The Painted Lady
Sat, 09-30-2017 21:48
Hello Matt I did mention your name on the next blog. Thanks for your help see you soon.