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Roger Kramer about Mid-November Update for the Coach Department
Tue, 11-25-2014 20:54
Hi Joe Thanks for your kind and informative comments about the Flambeau plate. Please stop by to view the new China display this next year. The crew [...]

Joe Zdenek about Mid-November Update for the Coach Department
Thu, 11-20-2014 13:21
I have been told that the C&NW plate you have marked as "Flambeau" is extremely rare. Only 200 or so, were made. I have seen one in poor condition at [...]

Warren Newhauser about Sunday November 16th Coach Department Update
Thu, 11-20-2014 09:41
Nice pictures. FWIW, MTM has a similar (but bigger) Chicago commuter sign board like the one shown here at their Jackson St. Roundhouse. Maybe they [...]

Roger Kramer about Believe It
Wed, 11-12-2014 16:50
Hello Raffi I was under the assumption that the tender that was shipped last year to Irm was the last piece. Maybe someone else could update us

Raffi about Believe It
Tue, 11-11-2014 22:10
unrelated topic: isn't there still a steam locomotive in Galt? i was thinking you could do some minor maintenance on the engine (with donations) and [...]

Roger Kramer about Believe It
Thu, 11-06-2014 09:35
The interior of the 938 has been inspected in late Sept. All boiler tubes and any debris found in the smokebox has been removed. The firebox has [...]

c kronenwetter about Believe It
Wed, 11-05-2014 23:27
has any inspection been made of the boiler interior to gauge the feasibility of restoration?

Roger Kramer about Believe It
Tue, 11-04-2014 10:27
Yes, the retired members are trying to get a small group together for Weds. I would first suggest you come out on a Sat and coordinate your wed [...]

Tom about Believe It
Tue, 11-04-2014 09:26
Is the steam team still meeting on Wednesdays for work days? If so, I would like to join in.

shelly about Last Weekend of October 2014 - Coach Department Update
Sun, 11-02-2014 18:55
great pictures and work to all thanks

Brian L. about Last Weekend of October 2014 - Coach Department Update
Sat, 11-01-2014 01:43
The switch move took four hours because Jim and I talked through the plan of action and agreed we would take it slow and safe. It was dark, getting [...]

john carpenter about October Activities in the Passenger Car Department
Wed, 10-29-2014 13:46
First went to terror on railroad last week with friends thanks you put on great show we really enjoyed it thank the people who put it on,also will [...]