Most of the items on this page have never been offered for sale here before!  Thankfully many of these items were not destroyed or lost to time and are now available for you or that special transit fan in your life.  

#RS0006   $20.00







Rapid Transit Roll Signs

All of the roll signs were in service at various times throughout the last 30 years. They are in USED condition and have some or all of the following defects:  dirt, stains, grease, smaller rips/tears, folds, edge damage, imprints from being rolled, paint coming off from being rolled, taped, tape remnants, writing.  Despite that, they are very desirable collectibles and each roll is priced individually.

All are Mylar material, 22” wide, length varies by type of sign.

All are “tube” shipping (see order form for complete explanation).

The roll signs below include the rare “Loop” destination, but are in rough shape (mostly dirty/greasy and paint peeling).  The “Loop” reading will be either red or black.

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