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$ 25.00

Fare Registers

Manufactured by Int’l Register Co. of Chicago, these were mounted in streetcars and rapid transit booths to record the number of fares.  These come in two conditions and color may be different than shown.  The one pictured represents a working one with working reset knob.

#FR0001   6”x6”x8½”   $100.00

Add $15.00 each for shipping.

Display only type - Only ONE Left!  POOR Condition.  May be dented, broken, but most just don’t register or reset.  No reset knob.  Still a nice display item at a fraction of the cost.

#FR0002   6”x5”x8½”  $30.00

FREE SHIPPING!!!  Midwest US only and one free shipping promotion per customer.

Most of the items on this page have never been offered for sale here before!  Thankfully many of these items were not destroyed or lost to time and are now available for you or that special transit fan in your life.  Shipping charges for items on this page (except the roll signs) are SEPARATE and ADDITIONAL from the charges for signs on the other pages.  Limited quantity so act quickly!!

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$ 20.00


$ 25.00


$ 20.00

#RS0006   $ 20.00


$ 50.00


$ 30.00


$ 50.00

Rapid Transit Roll Signs



All of the roll signs to the right were in service at various times throughout the last 30 years.



They are in USED condition and have some or all of the following defects:  dirt, stains, grease, smaller rips/tears, folds, edge damage, imprints from being rolled, paint coming off from being rolled, taped, tape remnants, writing.  Despite that, they are very desirable collectibles and each roll type is priced individually.


All are mylar material, 22” wide, length varies by type of sign.



All are “tube” shipping (see order form for complete explanation).

Counter Special

On the left is a transfer counter which was once used to count the number of transfers accepted from another transit company.  Counter and/or bell does not work.



On the right is a Rapid Transit Station Hand Fare Counter.  Used at the window by station agents to count a specific type of fare collected.  Works - may or may not have glass/plastic in front of numbers.  3”x2¼”x2¼”

Both included!!!


#BP0001  $15.00 FREE SHIPPING!!!

Money Bag

Used to pickup/drop off money to downtown (& maybe elsewhere) stations.  Each has a number and some have a downtown station written directly on the bag or on a piece of tape affixed to the bag.  Made of canvas, leather and thick flexible plastic.

#BP0002  $ 50.00


Add $10.00 each for shipping.

Fare Counter

These were used by a Chicago Surface Lines (CSL, pre-1947) or Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) conductor who stood at the back door of a bus or streetcar at heavily used stops to utilize both sets of doors.  These were usually in threes on the conductor’s belt.  Display type doesn't count and/or ring  Four types available:


#FC0001-CSL Working

$50.00+$5 ea shipping

#FC0002-CSL Display

$ 20.00 FREE Shipping

#FC0003-CTA Working

$25.00+$5 ea shipping

#FC0004-CTA Display

$ 10.00 FREE Shipping

All are 3”x3½”x1”

Chicago Motor Coach “Pachinko” Fare Box

We believe from the 40’s, these were used in motor buses from Chicago Motor Coach (CMC) and CTA after the 1952  Merger.

#FB0001  $225.00




The below signs include the rare “Loop” destination, but are in rough shape (mostly dirty/greasy and paint peeling).  The “Loop” reading will be either red or black.

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