The first sign rehabbed as a result of the sign sales was the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin neon sign.  It now graces the front of Barn 4 and is regularly lit.         Photo by Pete Pedersen.

The next sign completed was the Illinois Central sign which can be seen regularly lit (in all kinds of weather!) in the front of Barn 6.                                Photo by Pete Pedersen.

Another recent addition to our beautifully restored signs is the North Shore sign, which was mounted on two poles specifically installed for it.        Photo by Stan Wdowikowski.

The North Shore sign location makes possible shots like the above, taking us back in time.

                                 Photo by Frank Devries.

Here is the “before” picture of our most recently restored sign.  The South Shore sign was taken down late in 2008 and sent out for MUCH needed work.

                                       Photo by Pete Pedersen.

That same South Shore sign, after expert restoration by MK Signs, being put in place between Barns 3 and 4.  The chaser lights along the top and bottom really make the sign stand out.  Another feature is the restored opaque “windows” in the cars, which are back lit by a neon tube inside, making the interior of the cars glow at night.  A truly fantastic job made possible by your sign purchases.  THANKS!       Photo by Ray Piesciuk.

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