“One of a Kind” signs. You are purchasing the exact sign pictured (except where more than 1 are indicated, such as the badges). We are pleased to be able to offer these unique, rare and/or collectable signs.

#MEZ0112  1980’s-era CTA Employee Badge.  These badges are in nice used condition.  $20.00   (Shipping Table #1)

#MEZ0113  1980’s era CTA Line Instructor Badge.  These are much rarer than the regular employee badges, but are in POOR condition.  $ 50.00  

Only TWO Left!

(Shipping Table #1)

Did you ever want to own an actual original banner that hung from light posts around the city?  Well here’s your chance.  We have a very limited number of CTA banners that hung in Chicago.  These banners are large—about 94” by about 31”.  They are in good shape as they were hung high, but of course not in mint condition.  As you can see near the “2” in “250”, there are some cut out flaps that are manufactured in to let the wind through (the flaps are still there—these are NOT holes). A VERY unique item!

#TOP0141   $ 85.00

Only ONE Left!

(Shipping Table #2)

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Original RTA Bus Stops!

These are in near-mint condition.  18” x 18”  Metal

#BUSRTA   ONLY $ 20.00

(Shipping Table #1)

Generic CTA

Bus Stop—FAIR

Condition  $75.00

#BUS000 18” x 24”

Shipping Tbl #1

Only TWO left ! ! !

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Custom framed CTA destination sign.

What a great addition this would make on your wall!  An actual “Spirit of Chicago” destination sign from the CTA, custom framed with a white mat in a black frame.  11” x 25” with glass front.

#CUST0003   $ 99.00

Due to the glass, this is a pick-up only item.  We could ship without the glass - Shipping Table #1.

“New Service” Pink Line


Somewhat faded.

#TOP0142   60” x 20”

$ 25.00   (Shipping table #1)

New Service / Track Work Banners

“Track Work” Alert

#TOP0143  40”x27”

$ 25.00  (Shipping Table #1)

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