Please note:  Some signs have a VERY limited quantity available, which is indicated below those signs.  Orders are filled on a first come (actually first paid), first served basis.

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Original metal/enamel station signs from the Midway Line.


These were the original signs installed when the Midway line opened.  The bottoms of these signs were painted over by the CTA when they eliminated the A/B Skip Stops.

The example at the right shows a sign with the paint scraped off.  They will be sold with the paint in various stages of cover, as it was when the signs were removed from service by the CTA.   All are enamel, 8½” x 15”, $20.00 each, and Shipping Table #1.




Only 2 Left!




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When the Pink Line came into existence, the bottoms of these signs were simply painted over to designate a Pink Line stop.  You can leave the paint or try to scrape it off to possibly reveal the original reading.  We scraped one of each (pictured below) with mixed results.  We can’t guarantee what, if anything is under the paint.  THESE SIGNS ARE SHIPPING TABLE #1.

#CSB0226 8” x 14”

Enamel $20.00

#CSB0231 8½” x 15”

Enamel $20.00

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