Don't you need a street too? What will that cost? REPLY: There are four proposed buildings right now to be sited as the initial effort to begin development of the Main Street concept as shown on our master plan. The Schroeder Mercantile Store is already placed and continuing its restoration. Yes there will be a street, but this project does not pay for that. Each element of the finished concept will have a cost associated with it and be reported as work progresses.
#1 Anonymous on 2012-04-29 12:03
I'm certainly no expert but isn't it normal to put in streets, sidewalks and utilities(power, water, sewers, etc) in first when building something of this nature? (A pause a few moments here for giggling, guffaws and other remarks to let up) I was just wondering if it might be less expensive in the long run? REPLY: I am not the right one to reply to this so these are my opinions only and not cast in stone. IRM is essentially like an undercapitalized business and must take an incremental approach to site improvements. Just like when we erected the first carbarn over three decades ago. The ultimate Main Street plans call for several blocks of streets and adjoining structures and attractions yet must arguably start with one or two buildings. I would be perfectly happy with a paved sidewalk along a graded gravel street for access to the MRD building right now. As more buildings are moved into place or constructed additional amenities like water and public washrooms will happen, when there is the 'critical mass' to share and warrant that investment.
#2 jayjayvet on 2012-04-29 20:22
In the old days buildings were constructed as the land was homesteaded, with dirt roads just being plowed when the need arose. Internal improvements like pavement followed initial settlement. IRM could reenact the whole process. Paving after major building construction would avoid damage anyway. Please don't make main street too tidy, though. People forgot how streets were before they were modified to accommodate cars.
#3 Chris on 2012-05-01 21:27
Line sidewalks and steets with rail ties and fill with small pea gravel. Similar to construction near Lincoln Home in Springfield, IL.
#4 Norman on 2012-05-13 11:44
I was a member of the SJV club in Souoth Bend and the building was sold we had to tear apart a large model railroad. I know what its like. Much of the original layout was rescued, but the new layout in Mishawaka most could not be used. I am building a personal layout, learning from lessons, it is all modular. If it moves, no tearing up. I can pull a module and work on it closeup on a workbench no scrambling under benchwork. Your layout will have plenty of restoration work to do but thats all part of the hobby challenge fun. BTW my layout is multi-railroad-N&W/NKP/North Shore/South Shore/BRofC/Milw/C&NW/NYC/CTA/CSL multi deck. Good luck on the building, you should give it an interurban flavor look, or make it look like the NS milwaukee terminal, or whatever.
#5 Lynn Willer on 2012-11-03 07:16
We are working hard to try to raise funds for the Building and have made good progress. Any donation to fund RMRD is welcome and appreciated. The building design is as shown in our BLOG entries for this project - It is approved in concept to fit into the Main Street development, balancing looks and cost, serving up adequate space for one or more model layouts. Bob Kutella
#5.1 Robert Kutella on 2012-11-04 12:20
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