I don't know the answer to Bob's quiz, and hope somebody here does. BUT, while on the topic of Russell plow trucks, and just as information to readers here, an interesting feature of the FRONT TRUCK of a Russell Plow is that it has NO SPRINGS. The reason for that is obvious when you consider the dynamics of the plow wedge under a heavy snow load. I have also read that the axle bearings of the front truck had to be adequately stout to handle that heavy loading. So, there is more to these Russell plows than meets the eye! Just as a reminder, some nice photos of a Russell plow front truck (contributed by Mr. Green) were posted to this blog thread back on June 10. Copy and paste the following into your address bar to navigate to that page: . As an aside, I have to say I am VERY PLEASED that IRM was able to acquire this former CGW plow. I hope one or more of you readers will consider writing a small check (marked with the fund name "R X 38") to help Mr. Kutella and his team of volunteers pay for this project. I sent in a small check a few days ago and Bob replied that even a little money goes a long ways. So it's definitely money well spent if you're a fan of the Chicago Great Western like myself, or a fan of Russell plows. Thanks! -- LO
#1 Lucien O. on 2012-09-07 18:37
Reminds me of a mount for a truck mounted generator. The ICG added a similar mount to some cabooses (not any of ours at IRM thank goodness!) Given the plow had electric headlights and probably electric interior light or two. What was the arrangement for lights when the plow arrived to light the headline?
#2 Mark R on 2012-09-23 18:46
When most Russell plows were built the electrical was supplied by a small gasoline engine/generator set sitting in the box at the rear, inside of the plow. Photos of ours indicate the later years had a cable out the rear, fitted with a more or less standard MU plug. That would not have been for control, only two pins wired to poach 72 volts from the pusher loco. Bob Kutella
#2.1 Robert Kutella on 2012-09-24 04:41
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