I so wish I still could do rail renovation work. Restored to Budd car to operate with 611 and they both now operate in museums. Used to spend every Saturday and Sunday year round restoring equipment. It's a very reward thing to do and I'm happy I can look back on those years
#1 Dave Ross on 2013-02-24 17:19
Hello Dave If you would like to help us there are many ways. Even coming to visit for a couple of hrs and sanding or cleaning windows is always a big HELP. If not possible please consider a donation to coach dept or to this new coach RI 2612. Hope to see you. I volunteer in the coach dept, Barn 3. Come out Sat or any Sun,there is always someone working. Roger Kramer
#1.1 Roger Kramer on 2013-02-25 10:55
Thanks Bob for the infor.
#1.2 Roger on 2013-02-25 16:32
Hello, Roger. Great start on the 2612. How many of the "Capone" cars does IRM currently have? I'm asking because the roster pages haven't been updated with accessions and deaccessions (scrapping) lately. How close are you to being able to operate a "Rock Island Commuter Train," minus of course the locomotive? Are you close at all?
#2 Brian J. Patterson on 2013-02-24 21:32
Brian... Irm has now 6 RI communter coaches. 4 of which are operational. 2571,2555,2602,& 2582. 2524 and now 2612 could be in operation with less than $30k-$40k investment. My opinion....We could operate a 4 car train in May[after inspections]but not much interest in doing so. Irm also owns 3 more in Galvestion Tx but that's a real long story. Please come out and help. There is ALWAYS something to do Roger Kramer
#2.1 Roger on 2013-02-25 10:36
We own nine Rock Island commuter coaches, three of which remain off property. We also have the RI 937 Pacific which could have pulled such a train. Bob Kutella
#2.2 Bob Kutella on 2013-02-25 15:11
It is very cool that stray cars from around the country are making it to places that will restore them to their ideal state. This car certainly needs it after whatever CRANDIC was doing with it.
#3 Chris on 2013-02-26 11:28
The biggest problem most museums have is the funding. Moving the car cost $5k Then we must to pay for track construction to store the coach on and then plan for restoration and indoor storage. All costs in excess of 40$k Plaese consider a $ donation to fund RI 2612. Thank you Roger Kramer
#4 Roger Kramer on 2013-02-26 18:33
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