Nigel, You may find interest in contacting Louisville Firebrick. They are the same company which once produced "American Security Archbrick". They can be reached here: All but one size of the original middle and side archbrick sizes are still available. It is not but 5-10% more expensive to purchase brick rather make ones own. ALSO, without the brick being properly "cured" in an oven it will be rapidly degraded by the sulfur in coal. Cheers, Jason
#1 jason sobczynski on 2013-12-08 18:35
Jason, Thank you for this we will certainly look at this company. Nigel
#1.1 Nigel Bennett on 2013-12-09 19:24
i have hundreds of original engineering correspondence letters from ingersol rand to various other locomotive mfg and development of deisel, steam, engines as well as transformers etc. also hundreds of original photos. I am looking for an interested party. THIS IS A VERITABLE TROVE OF DOCUMENTS AND CORRESPONDENCE. call me 201 444 0887, charlie
#2 charlie on 2013-12-09 10:02
Charlie, This does not sound like something for the steam shop but I have passed your information to our librarians. Nigel
#2.1 Nigel Bennett on 2013-12-09 19:25
What are the proposed schedules for putting the cab and the front truck on the 428?
#3 Kirk Warner on 2013-12-13 20:40
No specific schedule. Work is done when people are not required on #1630 Nigel
#3.1 Nigel Bennett on 2013-12-15 14:07
Nice to see 1630 is well on her way to run again. However i herd a rummor that UP might plan a excurision next year with 844 running to union is there any possible of that happening or are the bridges on the UP line two heavy?
#4 Luke Solber on 2013-12-23 21:11
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