Where is it planned to locate the turntable once it gets to Union?
#1 C Kronenwetter on 2016-04-10 23:27
Great news to hear gentlemen, looking forward to future press releases. Just out of curiosity, did the museum place any bids for anything else in the Denver Facility? Tools? old parts from equipment, cars or locomotives? Misc. materials?
#2 Michael eisenberg on 2016-04-11 11:50
Congrats, cant wait for this to start. I noticed one or two of the CNW heritage units on the webcam tpday. What was that about?
#3 Keegan on 2016-04-14 12:26
Is the bridge coming in pieces? i would think at least three flat cars would be needed for a 130 foot long turntable? Ted Miles, IRM Member
#4 Ted Miles, IRM Member on 2016-04-14 15:43
Ted, The 130' main beam is to come in one piece. It will be mounted on a 90' flatcar that will run with idlers at each end to protect the overhang. Should be an interesting load. We hope to find out when it is due to come thru Chicago. Nigel
#4.1 Nigel Bennett on 2016-04-15 15:45
Nigel, That is great news; i thought it would have to be cut up and then riveted back together Ted Miles, IRM Member
#5 Ted Miles, IRM Member on 2016-04-17 15:36
Hi Nigel, Great job on buying the turntable for the IRM. It will be a great addition. By the way, how is 1630 doing? Sincerely, Ethan
#6 Ethan on 2016-04-18 20:22
Ethan, 1630 is progressing. We are hoping to do the formal hydro next weekend. It has to be said that, while we are still trying for Memorial weekend it looks pretty challenging at this time. Nigel
#6.1 Nigel Bennett on 2016-04-24 12:36
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