i don't recall the shay ever having a wedge plow.
#1 Raphael on 2016-06-20 22:57
Raphael, I hate to bust your bubble, but the Shay has always had the wedge plow while it's been at IRM. While I dont know if it was a "factory option" I do know its had it at least since its days a Klicitat. Its purpose is to push obstructions off the track as the engine moves along because it worked on lumber railroads where debris on the track was common place.
#1.1 CL Hogger on 2016-06-26 22:27
Roger, Really nice to see the Shay in the current condition. when I first started coming to the museum as a young lad in the late 60's this was the first steam engine I rode behind. Big round of applause to all who have volunteered and help achieve this. Maybe next year my wife and I will bring our grandsons who never been to see this fine museum. This place has grown in the over 50 years since it's inception. Maybe we will have another steam engine to ride behind when that happens. Good job guys.
#2 Thomas Kaufman on 2016-06-21 15:49
Bob Crosby was the engineer of the Shay when I first rode behind it. He was a close friend of my late Uncle Bill Girling of the CB&Q. I am sure Bob is long gone. Truly an outstanding gentleman and railroader.
#3 Thomas Kaufman on 2016-06-21 15:53
Roger, You all have a fine looking project there. But I while know it was the museum's first operating steam locomotive; i wonder about the choice. Since a second locomotive was wanted, how about an IC or RI or other local example? Ted Miles, IRM Member
#4 Ted Miles, IRM Member on 2016-06-26 09:38
Ted, I'm sure you really meant CB&Q 3007, right!
#4.1 locojacket on 2016-07-07 19:24
Hello Ted The choice was easy. It had run already at Irm and was closest to upgrading to an operational status. Ted, you must remember the amount of money[maybe $500k to $750k] to meet current codes. Then a focused crew to develop a plan of attack to raise money and start and finish the restoration. Roger
#4.2 Roger Kramer on 2016-07-09 13:59
Is there a date yet for the Shay to run this year?
#5 John on 2016-08-11 13:04
Hi John Its looking like the shay might not run this year. The welder we have been relying on has not volunteered for about two months. The chances are less than 50% that it will be fired up this year. Another reason to donate $ to steam dept to hire people to get some of the work done. Many projects and not enough volunteers! Thanks Roger
#5.1 Roger Kramer on 2016-08-11 16:47
I was just talking to a fellow railfan that I am friends with about IRM a few minutes ago, and we were talking about the steam locomotive collection, and he had a very interesting idea. His idea: "Here's an idea. Have donation boxes set aside next to the locomotive for those who want to see them in better condition. Just drop the money in..." The idea that we both had was that you would have donation boxes set up in the barn with all the steam locomotives (Barn 9?). Making the donations a little more accessible, if you will
#6 Matt Maloy on 2016-08-15 17:46
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