My husband sent me the photo and info on the Armco B-71 you posted. I was wondering if this was from Armco steel in Middletown Ohio.? My Dad was a diesel mechanic there for years. Thank you for your time. LIsa
#1 LIsa Totzke on 2020-02-24 16:17
Hello, Awesome piece of work you got there. I assume it has/had batteries, how bad do they look/voltage?
#1.1 Benjamin McKnew on 2020-02-25 19:06
Lisa, B-71 worked at ARMCO at their Butler, PA plant. However, IRM has Lima diesel switcher # E-110 that did work at ARMCO at Middletown, OH form 1951-1984. (We also have an ex-N&W 2-8-8-2 # 2050 that was at ARMCO - Middletown from 1959-1975.)
#1.2 Robert Albertson on 2020-03-02 08:01
I worked seasonally on the Cadillac & Lake City while the B-71 was in Lake City, MI, beginning in 1970. My primary job was steward/waiter/car cleaner on an ex=ATSF lunch counter diner. It was part of a steam excursion train. I also filled in as the third man on the section crew. It was notable in that all three of us went on to become shortline railroad presidents. One fine day I was told, "See if you can fix the B-71. Don't spend any money." With no particular mechanical experience, I did. How many people fix non-pressure water leaks with Bondo, an auto body compound that was on hand? Is any work being done on the old girl? More importantly, is there an earmarked fund to take donations for her?
#1.2.1 Alex Huff on 2020-08-27 09:53
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