pre oiler is a great idea saves lots of wear and tear on engines. a pat on the back for the diesel crew
#1 jack pfleeger on 2021-01-30 18:45
I know it is wintertime, and the Virus is making getting people in to do work is difficult, so in a few months, when it's warmer, would someone please send a person around with a camera and just send some updated pictures of all the major projects going on currently on the museums roster including the Buildings/shops that were started a year ago on Main street, the Milwaukee Road, 33C, the Santa Fe SD-45? that had it's motors and prime mover replaced, the Electro-liner, Union Pacific 428 and of course continued coverage of the other departments. Giving that task might be a dream job for a volunteer who loves to photograph and send pictures online. The winters and isolation across the country are long and we are starving for info , on anything as to what the status of our favorite piece of railroad equipment. Thank you, waiting patiently, Sincerely, Michael Eisenberg- Wakefield, MA
#2 Michael W Eisenberg on 2021-02-02 10:15
Hi IRM my name is Jason and I was wonder If you guys would be willing to save a CN Dash8-40cm they are currently being retired by CN and being scrapped I haven’t heard of anyone trying to save any of these intriguing locomotives and I hope IRM would be willing to add such a neat locomotive to their collection I’m sorry about asking about this but I just don’t want to see this class of locomotive disappear forever I hope you have a wonderful day
#3 Jason Erkenswick on 2021-04-14 15:26
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