Glad to hear you aquired one for the collection. (SD40-2) Although I have been to your museum several times over the years, I have not been to Chicago for about 5 years since my uncle passed away, we both loved trains and going to the museum when I came to visit. Thank goodness you have this website other wise I would go half crazy in Massachusetts wondering what was going on over there the last several years. I was wondering, what is the restoration status for The Milwaulkee Road E7 or E5 that is in the barn being worked on? I am also curious as to the restoration status of C.& N.W's GP-9 #1518. Finally, and I am not going to hold you to it, but what are the next "most likely " restoration canidates for the Diesel department starting this winter into the spring ( as with the other departments- what projects would they like to pursue next if they could.) My friend would also like to know about the status of building your main street project with the pre-fab gas station and other buildings- Has there been any talk about errecting or rearranging anything to start building something? your article about this project is several years old and we would all like an update over here in MA as to what is going on in Union Il. Thank you
#1 Michael Eisenberg on 2009-09-29 19:25
Any chance you guys will ever acquire a SDF40-2. It was so big it was bad and a big taxpayers waste of money. Only a few left. The SDF40-2 always looked like a Metra F40 on steroids!
#2 Bern C on 2010-04-27 22:19
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