A hard few days of work gentlemen (and any ladies who might have helped)congradurations on beating "the Clock" before the cranes failed. No doubt it was a little bit harder to put the tracks together then our old Lionel track was, but even Lionel now has "Fastrack" which already has ballast ,ties , "fishplates" and the track is self aligning as well. Too bad laying down real track can not be that quick and easy. You are no doubt still feeling the effort in your muscles but you all deserve to be proud of your efforts- in the long run it will reap rewards such as protecting some of your fantastic restorative paint jobs on some of your peices. Please respond to what you said about a new Santa Fe engine coming to the museum in a few weeks Also please ask someone to respond to my other message under "IRM acquires an EMD SD40-2" Thank you and good job guys Sincerely, Mike
#1 Michael Eisenberg on 2009-10-14 19:50
I too would like to see more timely information posted on the IRM website regarding new acquisitions like the abovementioned Santa Fe engine, or IRM's progress in acquiring CA&E stock from Trolleyville. Waiting for the quarterly "Rail & Wire" to be mailed, and thus getting "news" sometimes 3-4 months after the fact, is frustrating to say the least. Thanks to Adam Robillard and Bob Kutella for the department updates they share; they serve as a good example for other department heads to follow.
#1.1 Mike Gorecki on 2009-11-10 10:41
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