I'm curious to know when the roster will be updated. It does not list any of the coaches acquired over the last couple of years.
#1 Cliff McKay on 2010-03-26 07:30
Great question Cliff. We were working on updating the roster at the end of last season when the weather made getting to the pieces for measurements etc. either impossible or dangerous. Now that the weather is (hopefully) breaking, we can get to the last few pieces. We have already started the layout process for printing and MAY (I repeat MAY) have it ready in time to be mailed with the June issue of Rail & Wire. Once the database is finalized, the webmaster will build a link to it so pages can easily be added or updated. Currently each page has to be individually built and updated, which is a huge pain. We are doing our best to work this into all our other "jobs".
#1.1 Ray Piesciuk on 2010-03-26 09:17
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