that ends this book. any other books you want to start on? ( just an expression ) in other words, start working other freight cars that is in need to restore?
#1 Eric Chapman on 2010-06-20 18:51
Not quite done on the URTX car with more lettering and details to attend to, but it is mostly complete. The very next project car is GN 70104 which we hope to have sandblasted and repainted this summer. Also in process is 'second time around' work on IC 9792 and MILW 01984. There are many other projects on the 'list' including second restorations of the ATSF stock car and CRIP auto box car. These have been previously restored but there was no money to place them in a barn and they now NEED to be done over again. So that is a shameless plug to ask for donations to the UTRX 26640 so it can also be housed under roof and the spectacular work of the volunteers saved. Bob Kutella
#1.1 Robert Kutella on 2010-06-21 05:51
maybe yard 13 & or 14 can be used to store completely all freight cars needing for restoration & the other is for the finished cars. see how i'm putting it?
#2 Eric Chapman on 2010-06-21 14:59
Eric, Thank you for the comment. I believe we have discussed this here before. You mention the 'other' would be for the finished cars. I do not think there is any 'other' like you suggest. All the spaces in the completed Barns have been subscribed and the Barns are full. About the only option is store them outdoors, exposed to the elements, and to beg more donations for cars as we finish them. Then we hold and account for those funds separately, so we will be able to 'buy in' to the next building. I am not implying there is a groundbreaking soon, the Museum as a whole needs to accumulate enough funding to pay for the next structure, but this is how it starts. Bob Kutella
#2.1 Robert Kutella on 2010-06-21 15:51
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