wow according to the picture's, this will probably be the museums first dome car
#1 Raphael Chapman on 2010-11-01 20:39
yes , the first. with only 237 built ever, they are in short supply and in demand. We are excited to be receiving this one, and hope to make it a part of public streamliner display.
#1.1 Anonymous on 2010-11-01 21:31
Just out of curiosity, where is the Silver Pony, and what is it's history? It looks like it's lettered for Grand Canyon Railway, but also painted for the Alaska Railroad. And how did IRM come to acquire it?
#2 David on 2010-11-03 09:44
D&RGW 1108 - "Silver Pony", coach, Amtrak 9448 (4/83-not applied), Alaska Railroad 7002 (2/84-not applied), Alaska Railroad 7033, Roaring Fork RR (10/86), DRCX 7033 (800447), Wyoming & Colorado (lease-86/87), to Canada for filming of "Narrow Margin" (6/89), stored Hudson CO, DRC Tours, Mexican American RY Nogales MX tour service in Mexico (1999). As of 2001, service terminated and car withdrawn from Mexico. Sold 5/04 in auction to Grand Canyon Railway. Car is apparently a goner. It suffered a derailment en route from the auction, was re-railed, and subsequently was crashed into somehow. Don't know what structural problems this caused, but word was they're not going to repair it. It was to be set on the ground as soon as they can arrange for a crane and used for parts. Later word was that they 'may' try to repair it. Status uncertain. Sold (along with entire railway) to Xanterra 9/06.
#2.1 phil on 2010-11-03 19:06
Hey Phil, So please clarify. The trucks under the Olympus are the corrrect trucks that are supposed to be under the Silver Pony?
#3 John C on 2010-11-04 22:24
it is my understanding that the trucks beneath Olympus are proper for both cars. The reason we are changing them is that the trucks we have at IRM for use are tread brake trucks that will not physically clear under the skirts on Silver Pony. Therefore, the best short term solution is to put the tread brake trucks under Olympus without any lateral obstructions, and the ISH trucks under S Pony. Ultimately we would very much like to install correst trucks but that is another 15K to invest.
#3.1 Phil Stepek on 2010-11-04 22:35
Fantastic news for Silver Pony! I was afraid she'd be scrapped or parted out after being damaged in a derailment on the way to GCRR. Looks like the rumors of her demise have been greatly exaggerated! The interior looks to be pretty much unchanged since I rode 'Silver Pony' on the Rio Grande Zephyr in 1983. You just can't kill that yellow Naugahyde.
#4 davew833 on 2010-11-04 23:58
it appears at this point that the damage suffered was greatly ...overspoken.... cant say for sure til it gets here, but I understand the need to keep folks up to date on this particular move. In addiditon i dont want to forget that donations are seriously needed to pay the cost of thr shipping and cranes. We are in the7-8K range not counting the cost of transport, so all DRGW fans can be a big part of saving this car.
#4.1 phil on 2010-11-05 00:08
I am so glad to the IRM is getting Silver Pony. I hope you consider looking into getting "Silver Veranda" ex DZ from BNSF. That is where the last dome observation, built by Budd, should call home. Think about it! Maybe that is something Warren Buffet could envision! Thanks. Hubert
#5 Hubert Hanrahan on 2010-11-05 21:33
its a nice idea, but i have no knowledge that the car is even available. Its a nice idea to think that Warren Buffet likes trains so much he bought one, but his foundation is really tightly structured, of necessity. If anyone knows him feel free to ask him if he wants to make the donation. We promise to accept it gratefully.
#5.1 phil on 2010-11-05 21:42
i've been wanting to tell you that on ozark mountain railcar, they have steel streamlined cars from railroads such as the NP, IC, SOU, NYC, C&O, CB&Q, D&RGW, CN ect. there are cars such as... light pine for the L&N Pacific ocean for the UP Silver tower Dome obs for the CB&Q Clocker coach for the PRR (amtrak certified) Diner 448 for the NYC (100% original) Silver Channel sleeper for the CB&Q Pacolot River sleeper from the SOU riding mt park sleeper dome obs from the CP ACL coach #203 Combine car for the D&RGW norwood from the B&O (looks good cosmeticaly but still needs attention) NYC obs lounge #48 their are plenty of other cars for your display & the car department and all i have listed are for sale. check their website. Raphael
#6 Raphael Chapman on 2010-11-06 19:01
if you or anyone else wants to purchase one of those cars, they are welcome to approach us with a donation. There is no funding availab le for us to go out and purchase cars.
#7 Phil Stepek on 2010-11-07 00:00
Ref my recent visit:It was good to see Silver Pony-even though on a flat car-and looking rather forlorn at IRM awaiting rescue!It will be a great asset with a view to the Illinois prairies-if not the Rockies-once on the railroad again...another worthy "cause" for donations!!!
#8 Dick Cridlebaugh(member) on 2012-07-15 09:27
thanks hope to see it happen soon
#9 Phil Stepek on 2012-07-15 10:29
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