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Tim Fennell about Rotary Update
Mon, 02-24-2020 20:41
For those interested in the historic details. This tender was built in 1924 for service with C&O #1542 (2-8-8-2 class H-7). It was acquired by Union [...]

Mark about A Synapasis of Building Construction, Multi Purpose Building Update
Mon, 02-24-2020 16:35
Are all of the spaces in the new building spoken for or leased? It would be a great place to put a silent movie theatre.

LIsa Totzke about ARMCO B-71 restoration to begin
Mon, 02-24-2020 16:17
My husband sent me the photo and info on the Armco B-71 you posted. I was wondering if this was from Armco steel in Middletown Ohio.? My Dad was a [...]

Russ Prince about Rotary Update
Mon, 02-24-2020 08:31
1. Could you post a photo of the rotary snowplow in its current condition, and 2. Will the planned restoration be cosmetic only, or will it be [...]

Roger Kramer about Silver Pony Update
Sun, 02-23-2020 17:08
Hello Dick Good to hear from you! The "Pony" hasn't been worked on for a while because the coach dept has been focusing on the repair and [...]

Dick Cridlebaugh@East Peoria about Silver Pony Update
Sun, 02-16-2020 22:12
02-16-2020 I soon will be 85 and-while a member- cannot get there to work on the Pony. I can only "contribute$$$"Is Pony still being restored??? I [...]

jack pfleeger about Diesel Days, August 11 and 12, 2018
Fri, 11-08-2019 12:47
what is the status of me 18 I thought this unit was operable? if not is something wrong that's a major problem. I remember watching this unit go by my [...]

Kurt Schlieter about Steam Department End-of-season Maintenance
Fri, 11-01-2019 09:04
I hope they named the kitten "Gigi".

Chris C about August Update
Fri, 11-01-2019 05:36
An update will be coming soon. But yes, the rails have gone in--we are still working on connecting them to the outside world though.

Ted Miles about August Update
Tue, 10-22-2019 16:01
August was a long time ago; how about an update on the pit project? Are the rails in place yet? Ted Miles, IRM Member

Chris C about August Update
Wed, 09-11-2019 06:37
Sam--I'll shoot you an e-mail with more information. -Chris

Sam Bartlett about August Update
Tue, 09-10-2019 21:16
Exciting news about your new pit! We at Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum are planning a pit in our Car Barn extension project. Any information that you [...]