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IRM Webcam Time Lapse Video
This automated time lapse functionality is still being tested. The video uses a flash video player which should be compatible with most browsers, however, you must have Adobe Flash installed. The video files are approximately 32MB, so a broadband connection is essential. The time lapse begins around 8:00AM and ends around 8:30PM each day, about 12.5 hours worth, compressed down to about 9 minutes at a rate of 24 frames per second. Encoding and uploading is usually completed by 10:00pm each night.

Current time lapse video
date: 08/17/2019

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There may be days that videos may not appear or are shortened as settings are tweaked. As of November 21, 2012, all video processing has been moved to the high end servers in the datacenter. As a result, reliability and the speed of processing had been greatly improved.

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