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Wood Shop Update - April 13, 2013

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Nathan about Just Another Saturday
Tue, 05-22-2018 21:26
Nice to see 1630 in action. Having said that, what is the holdup with the Shay since the front end is reassembled and the shaker grate system is [...]

jack pfleeger about Just Another Saturday
Tue, 05-22-2018 15:51
I see the web cams don't have the timelaps any more will that feature return?

Ted about Just Another Weekday and Weekend
Tue, 05-22-2018 11:46
Good for you guys to offer the C&NW baggage car to other museums which is 100+ years old; before scrapping it!

scott about Painting the Yellow Stripe on the 3345
Sun, 05-13-2018 20:30
Painting up a ic pass car and am looking to find out what color the stripe is. I model in 1.6 scale. I have the brown and orange. Thanks to [...]

Gary about Just Another Weekday and Weekend
Tue, 05-08-2018 18:34
I bet those cars made some interest noises when they started moving.

Ted about Just Another Saturday
Thu, 05-03-2018 12:57
Folks, Over in the news section, I see the C&NW 8728 heavyweight baggage car has been retired from retail duty. I see that the car is not [...]

RI4506 donor about A Real Moving Experience
Sun, 04-29-2018 15:22
The PRR caboose is looking good. Thanks Mr. Humphreys, Rogan and Peterson. Are donations still needed for ATSF caboose #1400? And is this Santa [...]

Raphael about Just Another Saturday
Sat, 04-21-2018 01:25
with the Schroeder store now open for business, Will the 3 baggage cars become part of the regular coach fleet again?

David Guillaudeu about Electroliner News
Wed, 04-11-2018 11:28
You mention in the header that you would like to have the Electroliner operational by its birthday. Was it?

Lee about The Steam Dream is Taking Shape
Sun, 04-08-2018 20:03
As a child, IRM was always my favorite place to visit. Well, other than grandma's house next to the Geneva Sub. It's been many years since I now [...]

Kenneth B about Turntable successfully unloaded
Wed, 04-04-2018 16:01
Those temporary walls could be constructed in a way that allows their reuse after the phase is done to close off the new phases.

David Johnston about The Steam Dream is Taking Shape
Tue, 03-27-2018 03:08
Why did the smoke box cover on the shay need to be replace Do?